The Golden Handcuffs are Loosening

Golden Handcuffs
Freedom in 365 Golden Handcuffs #freedomin365

My wife is CEO of RE/MAX 365.

For the last 27 years she has worked her way up from an accounting clerk to a high ranking, high stress job in the same organization.  She has seen the company go through 3 name changes and witnessed it become a billion dollar Home, Health and Hygiene company based out of Europe.  This is her official last week going into the office.  Her last day will be Friday August 3rd.  Since she is that type of person, she told her higher ups that she would help out another month past that, but will not be going into the office.

While I am glad she will no longer be going into the office, I am more looking forward until the day she does not have to have anything to do with that company any longer.  We talk about regrets in life and if certain things we have done was worth it.  I am happy she spent that amount of time there because the company is where I met her for the first time.  Beyond that it is not longer worth it.

Do Golden Handcuffs build Fear and Regret?

Now that her employees are finding out that this keystone of the organization is retiring and running a Real Estate Brokerage with her husband, not one person has told her she was crazy.  Almost everyone has stated if they could do the same thing, they would.  The Golden Handcuffs are not worth it in the end.  She is leaving this company with nothing to show for it except experience.  Now as the CEO of RE/MAX 365, She can build the company to how large or small she sees fit.

I am incredibly proud of my wife.  I know at first it may seem weird, but we are already running the business with the Grand Opening coming in less than 4 weeks and she is acting exactly how I thought she would.  As a Professional with the highest of standards!

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