Freedom in 365… I Woke Up To a New Business

Freedom in 365
Freedom in 365 Golden Handcuffs #freedomin365

This morning around 3:00am it started to rain heavy.  A few minutes later, the thunder and lightning started.  Usually if I am woken up I feel pretty aggrevated.  Not this morning.  My Wife rolled over and put her head on my chest.  I could do nothing else but to smile and feel euphoric.  What was different about this morning than any other morning we have had together over the past 7 years?  Yesterday in an e-mail, the township granted us our CCO, which is the Continuing Certificate of Occupancy.  Laying there I realized that in less than two weeks, RE/MAX 365 will be selling real estate.

The next two weeks will be very busy with paperwork.  When leaving a, you have to completely change your brand and information for everything.  We also have 9 deals going at the moment, which means someone on my team will need to stay at the current brokerage until everything has been satisfied.

No matter what lays ahead, This morning was different than any other morning, and in two weeks it will be the norm.

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